VOIP Your Life is yet another of those brand new services popping up every day to offer VoIP service to the vastly growing marketplace. It’s an exploding market and every new service has to offer something new and exciting to draw everyone away from the big names and to their products. For those reason, companies like VOIP Your Life has a few unique and intriguing ideas that have made them a positive entry into the field.

First off, the Good Stuff
VOIP Your Life relies almost wholly on its inclusion of some rather unique and inclusive calling plans that other companies don’t have. First off, you can get their basic service which allows unlimited calls in the US and 2.4c a minute in Canada for only $15 a month. That’s less than pretty much anyone else. It’s slightly misleading though, because for full featured phone service you need to upgrade to the $24 plan, offering you unlimited US and Canada calls as well as fairly good International Rates. They’re not quite as low as some companies offer, but they are relatively attractive compared to traditional phone service and at the more or less standard rate of $24, you’re not missing out on anything.

Where the real drawing point lays is with the $30, unlimited international calling plan. Featuring more than 35 countries and unlimited calling, the international calling plan combines all of the standard features that VOIP Your Life offers with a feature that many people will find very intriguing in free international calls. The customer service is another great feature that VOIP Your Life can boast above much of their competition. They offer an easy to use interface and website and are usually quick to reply for customer service problems. Call quality is fairly decent considering where the technology is at.

And the Cons
What VOIP Your Life doesn’t offer unfortunately is the best quality phone calls, especially when calling overseas. Call quality remains fairly consistent in the US and Canada, but those free international calls have a habit of becoming bogged down. You’re not getting anything extra in your service either and with the recent plan to add the standard E911 fees and whatnot to your bill, the cost is a bit higher than they advertise.

Additionally, the free global calling plans come attached with a minute cap of about 1500 minutes or so, replaced by 2.5 cent a minute charges if you go over. The basic plan that they advertise for only $15 is only good for those making free calls in the US, something that can be done for free with some services and the medium range plan is more or less the same as everyone else’s.You don’t get much in the way of equipment, although their service is fairly well organized.

The Bottom Line
In the end, VOIP Your Life is a new service still finding its footing in the rapidly growing market of VOIP service providers. We all know that in a few years many of these companies won’t be around anymore. The market can’t sustain that many companies. However, by offering something we all know should be cheap anyways in international calling, VOIP Your Life is ensuring that they at least stand out a bit. With a high responsive service staff and website, you can count on them to keep working on their site in the coming months and manage a service that is more reliable and stable overall.

For those with a lot of international calling or those just fed up with 45 minutes on hold for customer service, VOIP Your Life isn’t a bad decision.

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