Following our recent VoIP Provider review of the “VoIP Your Life” service, I was kindly contacted by Gary Holhouser, from VoIP Your Life, to pass on his thanks for our kind words (though you can be assured of our impartiality at all times!), and to correct us on a couple of statements we made. Here’s his email…

“I was reading through your site and want to tell you that we appreciate your positive reviews on our company. However, I noticed some items listed in the review that I might be able clarify for your readers:

The 1500 minute cap only applies to small businesses that opt for our service. For residential subscribers the plans are truly unlimited. There is a very generous fraud cap to help prevent enterprise accounts from signing up and abusing the service. The typical residential subscriber never notices or comes near this cap. It is far greater than 1500 minutes.

We do not apply 911 or USF charges to customers outside of North America. Consequently, we cannot provide 911 or emergency services for those customers.

While our service for UK customers have not yet been defined, your readers can sign up for a US and Canadian number, provided they have a US or Canadian credit card.” Thanks to Gary for adding clarity to the review. So it’s over to you readers: How have you VoIP Your Life customers found the service? We’d love to get your comments.

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