For individuals and network administrators alike, Skypekiller could be the answer to a growing problem. Anyone who has tried to remove Skype from their PC or network without Skypekiller will testify to the fact that ridding yourself of all trace is a futile and frustrating exercise.  Whilst many of the 60+ Million regular Skype users are very content with the service they receive, the application is becoming very problematic for companies worldwide, who have seen employee installs compromise the security and bandwidth utilisation of their networks. 

Add to this the inherent fall in productivity that accompanies Skype usage in the workplace, and you see the need for a comprehensive method for controlling Skype installations within the office environment. 

Enter Skypekiller; a great little application that helps to eradicate Skype from one computer or, just as easily, an entire network, in a matter of minutes.  The method employed by Skypekiller ensures that no trace is left behind, and regular manual or scheduled checks can be run to ensure installs don’t reoccur. 

After installing the application, one of the first actions you can undertake is to detect all PC’s in your network, on which Skype is installed.  Skypekiller then allows you to filter which PC’s or computer types you wish to apply the removal to.  Once you activate the de-installation from the selected target computers, a progress status will be displayed.  The execution response screen shows you how successful the process has been. 

The Skypekiller scheduler ensures that regular clean-ups can be executed without the same level of input being required.  This is a really useful tool for SME’s or larger businesses, to regularly audit networks of all sizes for Skype installs with minimal effort.  For all you Skype haters out there (surely there aren’t many), this could be the answer to your prayers.

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