I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how Skype compares to Axvoice, the VoIP Provider which is growing its customer base at a massive rate, and looking to take on the big boys. Here’s the scoop, condensed into an easy-to-understand summary:

Some of the better Axvoice Features

– 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
– Unlimited Calls To 20+ International Destinations
– BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
– No Signup Contracts
– Free Virtual Number
– Free Number Porting
– Softphone Support
– Paypal payment options
– E911 Coverage
– 800 Toll-Free Access
– G.711 & G.729 Support

Skype Pro Features Summary

– Free Skype-to-Skype calls
– Nothing per minute landline calls* – For calls to landlines within your country.
£21 discount on a personal online number – A SkypeIn number that lets people call you at local rates.
– Save on the move with To Go – International calls from your mobile at local rates.
– Voicemail
never miss a call – Pick up messages when you’re busy or offline.Let’s compare their closest-matching packages:

Axvoice Skype
Plan Unlimited International & USA/Canada Plan Skype Pro
Basic Plan Cost $22.99 $3.00
Phone Adapter Free N/A
Incoming Calls Unlimited Unlimited
User to User Calls Unlimited Unlimited
Outgoing Minutes Unlimited Unlimited
Free Countries 23 2
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days

Skype compared to AxvoiceWith the number of calls to free countries, the Axvoice option seems best for those going long-distance. However, Skype have a massive user base outside the US, so it’s not unusual for the people you’d be calling abroad to have Skype, and would therefore be free to call.

As a service, the downloadable Skype software makes it simple to make calls with a simple set-up process, but Axvoice is targeting those people who want to retain their own physical phone, but want to get all the benefits that VoIP has to offer.

In short, it’s difficult to directly compare the two services, both having their own merits. To check out the full list of features and package options for yourself, use the links below:

   Axvoice Broadband Telephony

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